Cultivating a Happy Home Atmosphere

  Call Us 24/7: 770-559-5312

Cultivating a Happy Home Atmosphere

  Call Us 24/7:   770-559-5312  

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Client Questions

Is your team of caregivers vetted?

Yes, our care team, before hiring, is vetted through our detailed 25 character and work ethic revealing questions. We also check their listed references—a 10-panel drug test is conducted.

How is the background check done?

They are entered into a national background check through the Gchecks system and fingerprinted through Field Print, a state-contracted fingerprinting company linked to the GBI

How long have you been established?

Gaddiel Homecare Services was established in April 2014.

What separates you from most agencies?

We are huge on communication; we will communicate with you from start to finish concerning everything about you or your loved one.

How soon can we begin services with you?

From the moment we receive a call or email request for service, a meet and greet is set up as soon as possible, and when that is established, and everything is a go, a caregiver could be arranged to start within 24-48 hrs.

How do you select a caregiver for your loved one?

When we come out to meet and greet, you let us know what you are looking for in a caregiver and your most pressing need. For instance, some people might prefer a caregiver who can drive and has a car, so in choosing a caregiver, that will be our topmost criteria.

Common Caregiver Questions

Do we have health coverage benefits?

We currently offer AFLAC with Vision and dental

What is your starting pay?

Our Start rate depends on whether you are a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a Patient Care Assistant (PCA), or a Companion

Do you have to be certified?

Yes. If you have your certification, great! If not, you will start as a companion and we will enroll you in our 41 hr. certification program to become a PCA.

Do we offer CNA classes?

No, we do not offer CNA classes.

When do we qualify for a raise?

After your 90 days probationary period based on a performance evaluation

What are the requirements to join your agency?

Must be fully vaccinated, trained in CPR and First Aid, Tuberculous testing or Chest X Ray, pass a background check, pass a drug test, and become a PCA or be CNA certified.

What position do you currently have available?

Part Time hours, full-time hours, or PRN (fill in) morning shifts, PRN (fill in) evening shifts, or PRN (fill in) evening shifts.

Do you offer part-time hours?

Yes, we do.


Does your agency pay for mileage?

Yes, Mileage is ONLY paid if you have to transport a client in your vehicle. We also will provide gas cards for coverage shifts.