Cultivating a Happy Home Atmosphere

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Cultivating a Happy Home Atmosphere

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Know When Your Aging Parents Need to Receive Care

Many aging adults from across the country are reluctant to bring up the need for elderly care at home. They feel like if they do so, they may lose the freedom and independence they have. That’s why it’s up to you as their family to broach the subject.

But before you do that, how do you know that the time for getting Home Care in Peachtree Corners, Georgia has come? Here are the signs to watch out for:

  • Forgetfulness and missing important appointments and obligations
  • Poor personal hygiene, unexplained bruises, and weight loss
  • The frequent occurrence of bathroom accidents and mobility problems
  • Difficulty in eating and drinking and poor medication management
  • Aggression, extreme moodiness, and preference for solitude

Another sign that your parents may need home care assistance is if you find yourself frequently overworked by tending to your parents’ needs. This means that they are less and less able to take care of themselves. If this escalates, you may find yourself unable to meet their needs.

Don’t let that happen. Call Gaddiel Home Care Services, Inc. today so we can help your parents age gracefully and with dignity. We provide personal care in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and even companionship care for seniors who need help in running errands or meal planning. Talk to us!